People are happy to moan about footballers but Formula One is the real kick in the teeth to the working classes.

The money that gets put into to Formula One is a disgrace when their is such poverty in the world. Why pick on formula one, because its a sport that is run by the rich for the rich….and those who like top gear. Most other sports are equal in opportunity, as long as you have the ability, whereas the working class will never get the opportunity.

It’s rich people playing a real life scalextric. Every driver comes from a wealthy background, usually working their way up through the Karting world as a youth, an avenue only open to those with money.

It is accepted that F1 is an elitist sport, nowadays it is almost impossible to see a driver coming from very humble beginnings or a team to make an impact with financial limitations.


Maybe it’s just because I’ve never seen the point of driving a car really fast in circles. When other sports go to ‘suspect’ countries there is also the philosophical debate as to whether they should go, either due to human rights records or political sanctions, however this never seems to happen with Formula One.

Then there is also the misogyny, just look at the paddock……………..




Toussaint Louverture – the slave who defeated Napolean.


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ToussaintLouvertureMusic can teach you so much. Until today I have never heard of Toussaint Louverture but now Michael Gira has written a song inspired by him for the new album I was intrigued.

Born 20 May 1743, Louverture was the leader of the Haitian Revolution; his military genius and political acumen transformed an entire society of slaves into the independent state of Haiti. Despite being imprisoned by the French and ultimately died in 1803, the revolution continued and finally defeated Bonaparte’s Army. The success of the Haitian Revolution shook the institution of slavery throughout the New World.

Schools should be teaching children about important people like Toussaint – is because he is black, is it because he chose to overthrow an oppressive regime? Who knows? Slavery wasn’t abolished in America until 1864, and perhaps it was due to a fear that what happened in Haiti may happen there. History within our educational system is not good at teaching about people who have challenged the system and created a more positive progressive society.

They should also teach that all great people have great hats!

Brothers and friends, I am Toussaint Louverture; perhaps my name has made itself known to you. I have undertaken vengeance. I want Liberty and Equality to reign in St Domingue. I am working to make that happen. Unite yourselves to us, brothers, and fight with us for the same cause.

Your very humble and obedient servant, Toussaint L’Ouverture

Blackheath is no stranger to uprisings, Wat Tyler, Jack Cade, Michael An Gof and now the battle of ‘On Blackheath’.

_74262679_mir16 small-off-blackheath1 Yet another festival taking over our common land, in the name of ‘cultural experience’ and not capitalistic enterprise as some might say. With the increasing rise of poverty and hunger in this country, to a level not seen since the turn of the last century, ‘On Blackheath’ is a food festival based around farmers markets with a hefty ticket price to mix with the ever expanding aspect of society with their Hunter Wellies, quilted jackets and flat caps. Not the most well thought out event. I’m sure there will be food parcels at the festival, probably filled with quails eggs, truffles and some cheese by Alex James. There is also music by the not so revolutionary Massive Attack and the downright privileged Frank Turner – gag me with a spoon. If poverty is the paper cut of society this surly is the organic lemon juice

“In past times it was planted with gibbets, on which the bleaching bones of men who had dared to ask for some extension of liberty, or who doubted the infallibility of kings, were left year after year to dangle in the wind.”

Blackheath, not actual common land but manorial waste (land not used by the lord of the manor), owned by the Crown Estate and the Earl of Dartmouth – William Legge, MEP for UKIP, may be have a new uprising written into its history. I am getting sick of all our parks/common land being taken over by promoters for yet another festival – what happened to free concerts – especially one that laughs in the face of our country’s increasing issue.

Say NO to ‘On Blackheath’


God Commands Right Because it is Right or Right is Right because God Commands it?



imagesWhat a fantastic evening – although very decadent. Six hours discussing lots of theological / philosophical concepts with my friend Stuart. A christian who believe in democracy (I’m sorry if that does you a disservice Stuart) discussing the best way forward for society and our children with a atheist anarchist – no punches held.

My brain is knackered – most the people I mix with have similar views or don’t like talking about thinks like this. Very refreshing to have the questions ‘and why do you think that’, and ‘why do you think that would work’ thrown at you.

What a fantastic night, by 1am I was completely drained. What excellent company – aways good to challenge your own beliefs.

The one consistent view was that Thatcher and Tory policy are the worst thing that could ever happen to society.

A Bullying Culture in the Tory Party – surely not & a poem by Ray Roughler Jones.

So the Tories are bringing in self regulated guidelines to try and stamp out the rise of a bullying culture within the party. I probably wouldn’t say rise but it has become more apparent. It comes back to that old argument of nature and nurture – are you born a Tory or do you develop into it – perhaps there is a gene that can be irradiated or medication that can prevent this development of being a selfish cunt. Perhaps they just haven’t met the right politician yet, that could be the reason.

But no I think it’s just who they are. Take Gavin ‘Night of the Long Knives’ Barwell, as Croydon Central MP. I originally thought he was just another yes man, no backbone – but lo and behold he has only culled all the ‘weak’ tories from the local party, and with a click of his heels he has goose-stepped his way into controlling what the Tories think and feel within Croydon.

Andy Heinz – He’s not a lot of men.

It was sad news yesterday to hear that Andy from The Men that will not be Blamed for Nothing, has been diagnosed with cancer. This was posted on their Facebook page.

I have always been a big fan of Andy’s, through Creaming Jesus, chatting to him about Far Side club nights at the George Robey, and CJ playing Storm Constataine’s wedding and now TMTWNBBFN.

Speedy Recovery Andy

“NECK LUMP UPDATE star date 10.4.14


When i said i fancied taking on a new challenge, this was not exactly what i had in mind….

It is cancer.
It is malignant.
It has spread from my tonsils to my lymph nodes.
It IS treatable
It is not necessarily a death sentence.

I have to undergo 6-8 weeks of daily Radiotherapy and possibly Chemo and then take some months to recover.
I may have to have teeth removed.
My throat may close up, my saliva turn to a mucus consistency, I may not be able to swallow and I may have to be fed through a tube direct into my stomach.
I will definitely have to shave off the beard as they have to make a plastic mould of my face to help target the radiotherapy.

It will be fucking horrible, but I will survive it.

On the positive side, it is still localised in my throat and not spread to my lungs etc at the moment, so I have caught it fairly early (though i am FUCKING LIVID that my GP didnt send me straight for tests FIVE WEEKS AGO when i first showed her – prefering to put it off till she got back from her holiday)

Also, it is not on my vocal chords so i should be able to sing once i get out the other side of this shit.

And, it won’t half help with losing this weight to ease my Diabetes.”

We appreciate your support, and we will be back better, fitter and stronger than ever with a new album before you know it.


I Hope Manchester United Fail Miserably….UTW

This is nothing to with any prejudice (I support Wolverhampton Wanderers), it would be so good for football that money isn’t necessarily the way to success, and managers make a difference. No one can doubt that Alex Ferguson was a wonderful manager; look at last season, excellence with players that aren’t that good. Chelsea won last night with strikers that aren’t really that level. Managers do and can make a difference (Southampton).

Did Ferguson suggest Moyes because it would compound his genius.

Football has moved away from the fans – don’t pay Wayne Rooney 300K a week in order to stop him moving to another club (unless its about commercial reasons) but one man does not make a team. Look at Everton, playing better than they have ever done – a manager can make a difference. Yes you do nee the players but a decent manager can use what he has got.

Tony Pullis for some reason is criticise for what he did at Stoke – he did what he could with what he had and look what he is doing with Crystal Palace . Kenny Jackett has been wonderful with Wolves, once he got rid of the players who were believed they were better than League One (even though they helped us get there).

Non League is where it is atMy friends Ian Bone, Max, Charlie & Alfie support Alton Town – their support & banners are second to none without success (see newspapers for the best banners all season), and my friend Jude supports Alton Town.

A long way away from 300k a week.


To My Friend Ashen Singh………….The Devil is here in the city

Its nice to know you still visit here (my stats show south africa – coincidence no) Watch the Zeitgeist movies and The Shock Doctrine – a lot to be learned. I will see you soon.

I’ve done a few dealings in the city
met a number of stockbrokers
and i can tell you in all my life that i’ve never seen
such dishonesty and greed
it’s like a big betting shop a bookies a casino
where the’re all screwing each other and the rest of the world”
the devil is here in the city
and the city wakes up with the devil
the devil is here in the city
the poor man comes and can’t get a look in
the poor man comes and he can’t get a shout
the rich man comes in his brand new car
bought on credit from a leasing house
the con men come and try to have us over
selling us shares that we already own
accountants came and juggled with the numbers
that’s how they became two thieves and a liar
the devil is here in the city
and the city wakes up with the devil
the poor man comes and can’t get a look in
the poor man comes and he can’t get a shout
the rich man comes in his brand new car
bought on credit from a leasing house
the con men come and try to have us over
selling us shares that we already own
accountants came and juggled with the numbers
that’s how they became two thieves and a liar
pack it up?, pack it up, pack it up, pack it in
the devil is here in the city
and the city wakes up with the devil
when the jews and italian communities went to america right
they landed in a new country that was ripe for organisation and for rackets
now in this country thats not possible
because the real power the real money the real rackets
have been going on over here for hundreds of years
all stitched up and passed on from generation to generation
and the american gangsters right,
theyr’e still struggling to get the respectability that theyr’e after
but we’ve had three centuries headstart on those buggers
and look haven’t we done a beautiful job of it an’ all
i bet you there are millions of people right that think
that the blokes who work here in the city are really good blokes
hard working who have got the economy of this nation deep in their hearts
what a load of cobblers it’s the best confidence trick in history
the devil is here in the city
and the city wakes up with the devil
the poor man comes and can’t get a look in
the poor man comes and he can’t get a shout
the rich man comes in his brand new car
bought on credit from a leasing house
the con men come and try to have us over
selling us shares that we already own
accountants came and juggled with the numbers
that’s how they became two thieves and a liar
the devil is here in the city
and the city wakes up with the devil
pack it up?, pack it up, pack it up, pack it in

Scotland: first threaten with currency withdrawal, now guilt over the safety of the world.

download (5)I wonder if the population of Scotland realise that they held the balance of peace in their hands. Lloyd Robertson has even commented that America are even worried that Scotland voting YES will have a cataclysmic reaction throughout the world. Firstly, I didn’t think America cared about anything unless it affected them, and secondly if you want anything to remain constant then it needs to be for the benefit of all – what has Westminster ever done for Scotland apart from let them govern themselves.

The Scottish people need to be conscious that they are taking a decision, not just for themselves and for future generations in a one-off vote, but that it also has an effect elsewhere and people who are affected, or think they will be affected, have every right to speak out.

Is that just trying to reach out to Catholic guilt or is there a genuine threat that Putin will suddenly move his troops to the Orkneys and gradually manoever down to take Eton and Oxbridge.

America can fuck off and they need to look after their own issues; why would any country take advice of a nation where it was only 50 years ago where people who were black were seen as inferior and not allowed to mix in much of the white supremacist society – even the much revered JFK sold black people down the river (and the chickens did come home to roost).

If I was Scottish, I would be voting for independence and take my destiny from a bunch of privileged political careerists who no longer reflectt the make up of the country who they claim to represent.


It may instigate radical change elsewhere.

When Nimbyism turns to prejudice as Gay Primary School Teacher resigns.

Speak to anybody and they will instantly say that they have no problem with race, sexuality, disability etc but all of a sudden when it’s actually in your life some people’s attitudes can change. It’s also no surprise that it’s usually down to religion, yes that thing that people follow that teaches them to be better people.

Andrew Moffat, the parents of the pupils in that school should be ashamed of themselves. There is a difference to promotion and making sure children (especially those from oppressive religious backgrounds) that being gay is normal.


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