The first election in history lost by a mug……

No not Ed Milliband, but a ceramic one. How could they have got this so wrong?


I just bought 2 Tea Towels with pictures of old election posters from the 50’s, when Britain had a party that represented the working class and Trade Unionists, a million miles away from the rag tag and bobtail party that it is now.


It comes to something when complex issues are condensed to soundbite phrases that have jingoistic racist undertones.

Government decided by quality of merchandise.

To Be Kind………Viva L’anarchie


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times and then there was the pool in heaven!

When I first moved to London in 1994, I volunteered working a disabled person in their own home. As part of the agreement I was also given a place to stay with other volunteers. Many people came and went through our house in St Clare’s Road, most forgettable but some not so.

It’s strange how things turn out, Lillian Pute, the lass that pushed me in the pool at Heaven, is just living up the road despite us both moving away from the place we became friends 20 years ago.

Our experiences make us what we are today, including all the people that have crossed our path to the present; our paths have crossed again and it will be interesting to see what has happened between the two points.

To be kind……viva L’anarchie

Mansion Tax and the Bogeyman designed to do the same thing.

The Bogeyman is a common allusion to a mythical creature in many cultures used by adults or older children to frighten bad children into good behaviour.


The mansion tax is a way of telling people that they need to redistribute their wealth as they have to much; either through luck or greed, if you own a £2 million house you can afford it – there are people who don’t have anywhere to live.

They are both ways of telling those who know no better that there practices should change. The rich should be careful when they close there eyes as the Bogeyman WILL get them. Right is right because it is right not because Politicians/law/religion/ parents/school/social media/friends* say it is!

* apply whatever

Cheryl is quaking as we speak.
In the desolate depths of a perilous place
the bogeyman lurks, with a snarl on his face.
Never dare, never dare to approach his dark lair
for he’s waiting . . . just waiting . . . to get you.
He skulks in the shadows, relentless and wild
in his search for a tender, delectable child.
With his steely sharp claws and his slavering jaws
oh he’s waiting . . . just waiting . . . to get you.
Many have entered his dreary domain
but not even one has been heard from again.
They no doubt made a feast for the butchering beast
and he’s waiting . . . just waiting . . . to get you.
In that sulphurous, sunless and sinister place
he’ll crumple your bones in his bogey embrace.
Never never go near if you hold your life dear,
for oh! . . . what he’ll do . . . when he gets you!

Text © 1976 Jack Prelutsky. Used without Permission of HarperCollins Publishers.

To Be Kind………Viva L’anarchie.



Inequality has never been so low, the rich are paying more than their fare share, reducing student fees would be unfair – living standards are generally increased.

Am I living in a different country?

If the Tories get in again this country is fucked for the working class, with no future for the young unless your parents are rich.

It’s no wonder my dark friend has appeared again, clouding my thoughts, hopes and dreams.

To Be Kind…………..Viva L’anarchie

I Think I’m Insane – George Osborne generally believes we are all in it together

Inequality has never been so low, the rich are paying more than their fare share, reducing student fees would be unfair – living standards are generally increased.

Am I living in a different country?

If the Tories get in again this country is fucked for the working class, with no future for the young unless your parents are rich.

It’s no wonder my dark friend has appeared again, clouding my thoughts, hopes and dreams.

To Be Kind…………..Viva L’anarchie

Has #Farage recruited #Clarkson as policy writer?

As Farage threatens to rip up discrimination laws, he is putting himself on the line to attract the so called True Britons that are fed up with ‘political correctness’ – cue Mr Clarkson – a match made in heaven? As the petition for the bigoted presenter gains 1/2 million signatures, it would be no surprise if Clarkson had written Farage’s speech for him.

Farage must be gaining hope to see that there is popular support for bigoted, antiquated cunts.

To Be kind……Viva L’anarchie




Will money be the factor over #Clarkson.

Sack the cunt, who revels in the face of sticking two fingers to public decency….oh sorry political correctness. Generally people who are adverse to common sense are those throwbacks to an egalitarian jingoistic view of the world. Their marvel in our antiquated notion of nobility and hierarchy is not to be applauded but condemned and put out of it’s misery.

Jeremy Clarkson revels in this world but Top Gear is a big money spinner. I don’t understand the world of ‘petrolhead’ but then I’ve never thought driving a car really really fast was either big, clever or interesting; just another dull topic that Alpha males can walk each other off over, but the BBC shouldn’t back down IF he is guilty. This is an alleged assault and if I’m sure if a producer were to punch Clarkson, they’d be thrown to the dogs. However will they find a get out clause, banter, joshing, tom foolery come to mind, and back down or take a plunge and revisit the format without Clarkson.

The original Stig was on Radio 5 and it completely justified the view that Clarkson is a twat – it was like the old school boys network, described Clarkson basically as a man not to be trifled with and it’s all a bloody good show and he is a decent chap, punch up’s are good, not really a story. Tell that to anyone who has ever suffered workplace bullying.

Clarkson is not Marmite, unless it’s the pot you find at the back of the cupboard, outdated with mould growing in it from all the shit that is inside.

To Be Kind…………..Viva L’anarchie.

Hypocritical Britain – Alan Bennett call it as it is.


Wonderful article by Rosie Millard, describing Alan Bennett’s view on what England is great at – hypocrisy. Currently, where I live in South Norwood, we suffer from NIBYISM – hypocrisy at it’s worst. White middle class people assuming that their views are correct and the best for the area, most the time not really thinking about what is the greater good – or perhaps being white and middle class is the greater good!

Read, enjoy, and smugly smile

Alan Bennett – yet again – nails it. Asked by some Radio 4 vanity project to nominate what the English are best at, the writer toyed with suggesting lovely things such as churches, or Swaledale, yet decided to make his many fans in middle England blush, by plumping for hypocrisy. It is something, he suggested, that the English – notably not the Scots or the Welsh – are particularly good at.

Our hypocrisy, Bennett said, ranges across every area of life. “We glory in Shakespeare yet close our public libraries,” he said. “Take London; we extol its beauty and its dignity while we are happy to sell it off to the highest bidder. Or builder.” He went on, warming to his theme. “A substantial minority of our children receive a better education than the rest because of the social situation of the parents. Then we wonder why things at the top do not change or society improve.”

Unchallenged by the Radio 4 presenter, unmediated by someone jumping up to give “an opposite view”, and without even as much as a phone-in to make everyone feel a bit better about themselves, Bennett carried on in this vein for about five minutes, his unapologetic, flat, calm voice expertly filleting English society, and laying it out in all its hypocritical horror for all to see. He even brought the police into it, saying that the force was great, as long as you were white and middle class and stayed at home. 

He could have gone a bit further. Although Bennett is such a crafty old thing that he probably deliberately omitted a few areas, so that everyone could have the fun of thinking up some examples themselves. It could be a new party game: Hypocritical England. Starter for one, our notion of democracy. We pride ourselves on inventing modern democracy at the Mother of Parliaments, yet ours is not a republic. Our fate is to line up as subjects, fawning before an unelected, undemocratic head of state and her family. 

How about the NHS? We brag that our National Health Service is the best example of socialised medicine in the world – yet thanks to the private finance initiative, the bricks and mortar of our hospitals are privately owned, and the beloved NHS merely a paying tenant.

Then there is the arts world. We boast about our wonderful arts institutions and their accessibility, citing free admission to galleries, and reduced ticket prices for live performance as examples of brilliant social inclusion. Really? Anyone visiting, say, the ticketed Rembrandt at the National Gallery or ZooRepublic’s hip-hop Alice at the Royal Opera House this Christmas might have thought that English society was entirely comprised of elderly white people on their own (Rembrandt) or, in the case of the hip-hop, elderly white people toting grandchildren dressed entirely in Boden. Oh, and that nobody outside London is interested in the arts, since everything is in the capital.

Maybe it’s pre-election restlessness, but Bennett’s view has been joined recently by others who are also picking holes in the gleaming PR mantle of Britannia. The Labour MP Chris Bryant brought a torrent down on his head by merely suggesting that perhaps it was time for some people other than public schoolboys to have a go on the arts awards podium. Maybe the comments are becoming a chorus because it is only now, 70 years on, that a post-war top soil of social concern which started to shift during the Thatcher years, has at last been fully blown away, revealing Perfidious Albion for what it has always been, namely, as one commentator recently put it, a place full of “pinstriped bastards reeking of lunch”.

Perhaps public institutions such as the Arts Council (which at least pushes funding towards other genders, races and classes) and Birmingham’s glittering new library are the anomalies residing in a world of hypocrisy and galloping privatisation.

It is sadly delicious, however, that such a damning indictment must be delivered by the chronicler of middle England itself, Alan Bennett, within a lunchtime programme on England’s triumphant bastion of civilisation, BBC Radio 4.

Just because it’s not popular doesn’t mean it’s not good! #marlenedumas

The difficulty about anything that isn’t deemed presentable for the mainstream is that it is difficult to come across. It’s usually down to simple economics – those with the money want to keep the money – hence it being hard to break through unless you can break into this monetary circle. The more maligned thinking is that society is never encouraged to think, never encouraged to break away from the masses; democracy is a shallow concept when there is no actual choice.

1Marlene Dumas is an artist that is not palatable to a mainstream audience (probably due to her subject matter), but her paintings make you think. I can look at a Turner and appreciate at what a fantastic technical accomplished artist he is, but Dumas makes you question as a cold chill creeps across the back of your neck.

Following on from my last post, social media can never replicate the emotions that you feel when looking at certain art, simply because they are difficult to put into words. The Guardian describe it as ‘Bold, graphic and disturbing’ but thats only because it’s art – if she hadn’t ticked the right boxes they would probably describe it as sick, perverse and offensive – but thats just the fickle Guardian for their middle class readership.

With music, film, politics, literature and art – it’s very difficult to come across anything that has not had the leading authorities put their filter on what is deemed acceptable for society. Anyone who pushes the boundaries is usually classed as an enemy of the state and all that is good and pure, and all forces of the law are used to prohibit anyone witnessing it.

To Be Kind……….Viva L’anarchie………



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