I have friends whose family live in Jaywick, a place that has lots of issues, a place forgotten by most the public let alone the politicians – now they have turned to UKIP to help regenerate them. Lets not forgot, people voted for Douglas Carswell in last election when he was cloaked in blue, now he is in purple and waving his fist at immigration and Europe for destroying Clacton.

Expect more politicians to join UKIP, a haven for those who crave more power but are never going to get it from the Etonian Oxbridge Elite. UKIP give power hungry politicians a chance to gorge and grow their own ego. The people of Clacton think they will get change – no they won’t, UKIP still don’t represent the working classes, and it is the system that oppresses Clacton not Europe or immigration.

Ask anyone from Clacton if they won the Euromillions would they invest it in Clacton? This is the root of the issue, years of individualism created a hegemony of greed and selfishness orchestrated by those in power in order to maintain their dominance and position. Unfortunately UKIP are leading voters into the woods to see some puppies – isn’t that nice of them.

Too Be Kind…….viva L’anarchie

Conference Season just remind us all of how broke it all is.

Its a choice between the devil, the deep sea and the frying pan, unless you want to wear your badge of racism & mysogny with pride and vote UKIP – after all they are only saying what everybody is thinking (bollocks). The Tories have stopped preceding they care, as they probably realise the majority of this country doesn’t, and plan to kill the poor to make more space for the heartless and the rich. Labour, run by Ed who, have some policies but none is really sure what they are and the Liberals just want to be recognised as political party and not the lying turncoat joke that they are.

Class War are doing a grand job of their picket at 1 Commercial Street, but I fear that if the Tories have their way, there just won’t be poor doors but poor areas – only the wealthy will be allowed in 70% of the country!

Once politics became a job rather than representation of the public, it was always doomed; oxbridge and Eton being the equivalent of apprenticeships in other trades (yes I am old enough to remember apprenticeships).

TUC Demo on the 18th or the anarchist book fair? If all the speakers at the TUC demo actually read some literature from the anarchist book fair they wouldn’t go far wrong. And will the BBC report on it – no but they may mention the TUC demo (unless Class War brings it to its knees.)

To be kind……… L’anarchie

Lies, Lies, and more Lie – The Yes Vote, War and Labour

Why do they bother, with the amount of blogs, twitter etc, surely they they no that lies will be outed. Scotland was stitched up, a referendum was given, but there was no way the powers that be would let them win – if Scottish independence was successful would it fuel further celtic cessation or even counties. People are not just pissed off with this government but our whole economic political system.

War is now being trounced out, probably to paper over the cracks – we can all unite behind the common enemy, but the enemy depends on which side you are looking at. We bombed, maimed and killed, so the organisation and extremity is enhanced, so we plan to bomb, maim and kill again. A self perpetuating spiral of destruction. Watch the share of arms manufactures rocked (City boys always win)

And Ed, poor old Ed, just how do you solve a problem like Ed – stop patronising people – increasing minimum wage won’t solve much, what about allowing them to pay no tax or NI. Tax deduction and increasing taxation for those who can afford it; mansion tax, extreme tax for filthy rich, renationalise all the essential industries to control prices. These are progressive policies to help the majority of people, and are only seen as regressive by those who don’t need to worry.

To be Kind………..Viva L’anarchie

Are we really trying to alienate any nation that doesn’t believe in western values.

Extreme Muslims have jihad, another head rolls, Obama says no but how many states murder their guilty.

Putin wants to protect Russia from a collapsing nation, run by a fascist rebellion who weren’t democratically elected but we are insistent of trying to create another Cold War even when Putin does his upmost to stop violence. He can’t enter Ukraine but we can enter Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria anytime we want.

Closer to home, 1 Commercial Street, London has separate entrances based on how much yo spent on your property. We all are thankful that we live in a free world, but how free is it really if you don’t have money or don’t tow the uniformed view?


Whilst involved in South Norwood Tourist Board I have had to mix with a lot of local councillors, MP’s etc in order to get them to actually give a fuck about the area we live in. The Tories hated South Norwood, evidenced by the availability of funds for other areas apart from ours.

Now Labour have got in they have one aim – to remain in power; so when a hard working, dedicated, community councillor, who  isn’t in it for the politics but the pure belief that she can make a difference, only to be thwarted by the party she has given her time for. Tony Benn’s daughter has walked straight into being a candidate for South Croydon (investment banker), Steve Reed took over Croydon North – jobs for the boys I hear you ask?

I have worked closely with Jane over the last two months and found we have a lot in common politically – a belief in social responsibility, community, fairness and is anti corporation and greed. It’s rare to meet a politician with principles but if more politicians were like Jane Avis I’m certain our area would be a nicer place.


If Owen Jones can get published in the Guardian – I should keep writing

Yes I’m back – mainly because Owen Jones is such a cock, simply reiterating common sense theories that my Dad has been saying for years, but gets published because he went to fucking Oxford.

Having Owen Jones speak up for Socialism is why I am an anarchist.

Fuck Off back to Oxford.




He seems to miss the irony that the only reason he is in the position he is in, is because he went to Oxford, equality doesn’t come into it. How many local schools do you know who run trips to Norway – most of us can’t even afford to go there. Those who died in the hatch and families complained that the US coastguard wasn’t doing enough for them even though they had done more than they usually would because they were UK citizens.

It isn’t class envy, its just a matter of fact that the majority of the population, (those who keep the wheels turning), never get opportunities to do lots of things simply due to money or status. If you go to the right schools, have enough money the world is your oyster. Why should we mourn if something terrible happens, when experiencing something most can only dream off.

Owen Jones is making a career for himself by simply stating common sense facts but he obviously can’t get over the fact he can never be what he claims to stand up for. No he can’t deny his background but he doesn’t have to be so bloody worthy, and have to accept that the working class don’t have to like him just because he claims to have their interests at heart.

Fuck Off back to Oxford.

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‘In a recent anti-austerity protest organised by the People’s Assembly, Bone’s Class War crew decided not to target, say, George Osborne or Iain Duncan-Smith, but mocked up an admittedly amusing banner featuring a still of me from a BBC programme clutching a bottle of champagne, adorned with the emphatic words: “Fuck off back to Oxford.” Bone is a disciple of Mikhail Bakunin, a 19th-century Russian anarchist whose aristocratic family owned 500 serfs, and of the even more aristocratic Russian Peter Kropotkin.’

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It is the End

I’ve enjoyed blogging, but you have to face up to things that who really gives a fuck what I think.

One thing it has taught me is that I enjoy writing and have begun to subvert the system by writing children’s books.

I will also remain active and focused on my other venture with Ian Bone, South Norwood Tourist Board.

Thanks to those who have read. I am still on Twitter @spideysaves but have deleted my Facebook account.


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