Antiquated Hegemony – the BBC’s annual dusting off Sports Personality of the Year highlights just what is wrong.

So Lewis Hamilton won the most tedious award shown on television; isn’t there some law that if he spends more than 30 minutes on this soil he’ll have to pay tax. Backstage, I sure Clarkeson was shoving the hamster up his arse laughing about how cool it is to drive really fast in cars that real people can’t afford. When do you actually stop being a Briton – the sooner the better – give some respect to all those sportspeople who don’t know if they even have a GB team to compete in next year, let alone a spoilt cunt who never worked a day in his life and refuses to live in this country where they may use some of his ridiculous wealth to help those less fortunate than him.

Yet again the BBC back the bad apples – Saville, Clarkson and now Hamilton – all have one thing in common is that they want to play by their rules and the BBC, the taxpayers channel, let them do it. At least you know Simon Cowell et al is only out to make money yet the relentless advertising by the BBC of it’s own products, (isn’t that a monopolies issue), and now the exclusivity of some BBC programmes to those who download podcasts, getting additional information.

When you see Lewis Hamilton wrapped in a Union Jack and hear the argument regarding the impartiality of the BBC just ask i yourself is it all that it seems>

To Be Kind…viva L’anarchie.

Yasmin Alibhai Brow – a columnist who is really worth reading.

Alibhai-BrownIn a world of sterile predictable political opinion, simply designed to get the masses to agree with them, I have always found Yasmin to be really challenging with her columns. There is no promotion of self interest politics (take note Owen Jones) and a willingness to tackle subjects that people may find uncomfortable.

I meant to put up a link to her column on Monday – putting forward the suggestion that regardless of colour everyone tows the line to the white male established hegemony and scared of making waves for their desire to be accepted and promoted. 

The Irony of selling potential income from tourism to appease cuts.

The historical building in Whitehall, in which the war rooms and tunnels exist, where Churchill, Kitchener and Lloyd George made some of our country’s most life changing decisions has been sold.

Our history will now become a luxury hotel or apartments. Whilst I’m sure decisions were made in this building that were regrettable, this decision must be the most regrettable of all,

If your buggy can’t be folded you shouldn’t have bought it.

Sitting in my hospital bed this morning after having my hip replaced yesterday, reading the independent, I have just read a wonderful article by Mary Dejevsky. Quite funny as she mentions a lot of points that I was discussing with some friends on Wednesday.

Disabilty Bus Ruling Overturned Society IS moving backwards

Oh the inconvenience of a sleeping baby but how does that weigh against not being able to walk. A recent court ruling that wheelchair users have priority for wheelchair spaces on a bus, has been overturned for a first come first served policy.

Is that how it works for legs?

Whilst equality is a must in society, it needs to be equality based on a level playing field. If you use a wheelchair and are towards the end of a bus route, where does this leave you. Fucking tired from having to push yourself to your destination due to the wheelchair space being filled with buggies.

I am fucking appalled at this,

I attended demonstrations in the 90’s when wheelchairs couldn’t even get on buses, comrades used to handcuff themselves to buses to show how inconvenient it is when you can’t use public transport. How fantastic when buses brought in spaces and even have hydraulic suspension to lower the bus, automatic ramps for easy access – the world of overground public transport is in equilibrium.

I have kids, I have used pushchairs, I have had to fold a pushchair up and hold my child (pre wheelchair spaces) – this is how it was. Change was put into place to allow wheelchair users to access what able bodied people have been to access since buses began.

Society is regressing.

To Be Kind………Viva L’anarchie

‘Ouses, Ouses’ Ouses………is that how you judge success?

How do you judge success, career, family, material wealth? There is no right answer but trying to push material things to a successful life just cause problems. Do you really have to own your own home? If tenure was secured, rents fair and old age pension adequate do you need home ownership.

The demand is pushing prices through the roof, to a level where hardly anyone can afford them, yet everyone still aspires. If you don’t own a home are you classed as a failure? Property Ownership has become so much more than simple dwellings – legacy for children, downsizing to top up state pension or to pay for your care home.

We all want security but over the years the state provided safety net has been destroyed leading to people believing that investing in property will secure their future.

This post offers no answers but just to raise the question regarding why home ownership is now perceived as essential!

To Be Kind…….Viva L’anarchie

Inflation to the Rescue but don’t mention the kids.

Mixed messages by George Osborne today; everything is fine, the economy is growing and the deficit is reduced or unveiled, more people are below the poverty line than ever, and low inflation has meant the deficit has been reduced more than anticipated and spending on credit is still attractive.

However unemployment is at 5.3% and probably higher if you include 0 contract hours ; the burden of this falling on our youth. People now have to carry on working later in life but with a finite amount of jobs something has to give. What better way to sow the seeds of discontent that begin to create a disenchanted youth. No apprenticeships and limited vocational training leave a lot of our youth on the wasteland. If you choose to get educated you become so debt ridden, employers can take advantage of a swelled competitive market.

We should be investing in our children, teaching skills with employment at the end of it, free education for those who desire it and a fair wage to allow them to become independent and not only able to survive by living with their parents.

The Government encourage home ownership but very few affordable homes, they encourage free enterprise which encourage employers to make as much profit as possible (low wages, no contracts); the public sector is being reduced to make way for pure economic Darwinism, a new apartheid, a new monetary cleansing – race no longer matters as long as the colour is money. How do they disguise this, blame immigration. The Sun, the Daily Mail make sure that the public blame a personified reason rather than philosophical principles. This country is not evolving but regressing.

Whilst the low income family, working or non working, wonder how they are going to pay the bills, this Government allows companies that sell torture equipment to set up at the local arms fairs, selling arms to countries that can’t afford it. Who said morality and ethics have a place in Government.

To Be Kind……….Viva L’anarchie.




as always an imaginative take

Originally posted on juxtaposed:

There was a ‘Cameron Must Go’ drive on Twitter, this Saturday, 22nd November, 2014. Here are my in-under-140-characters contributions to the hashtag:

For all that he grows
Is poverty, bubbles and greed
He’s a PR for hire
Can’t lead; can’t inspire
Can only sow crony knotweed


“Call me ‘Dave'” he crowed
As though one of us
But #CameronMustGo:
His blue & new Establishment
Is all contempt &
Governs like a blunderbuss


& his company of wicked farce,
dissemblance & delusion & disdain.
Kick out their fattened arses
& do not vote for them again.


As he promotes
competitive entropy
& showboats by
division, derision &
seeing fit to gloat,
Electorate says “No:


He’s unfit to grace the seat
he cheated,
lied & spun
to take & keep
but never truly won
& what small right he had has gone



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Mob Rule or just intolerance to unfairness

Sometimes calm is not the answer, sometimes letting them know that it won’t be tolerated is the only thing left to do. The justice system is what is meant to be be blind to prejudice, blind to corruption and a defender of the a free society.

But when an unarmed teenager can be gunned down by a policemen it is apparently ok. Add to the equation that the policeman was white and the teen was black then justice is served.

60 years ago segregation was legal in America, and some areas of America probably still wish that was the case. Looting is a sign of the inequality in Society, a chance for the have nots to become haves. We think we are civilised but only if your colour and social standing gives you the opportunities that ‘you can have if you only work hard enough’.

Too be kind…. Viva l’anarchie

It’s unbelievable what unfairness we will accept despite it being obvious.

As NHS staff stage a 4 hour strike for a measly 1% pay rise, but paradoxically undermining their strike action by ensuring all services are covered (such is their dedication). However all the news is plastered with Lewis Hamilton, the man who says he’s British but won’t live here due to tax. What a fucking cunt, this man has more money than he can ever spend and refuses to live in this country even under a Tory tax regime.

There will always be a need for a state when people resort to primal instinct of selfishness and greed when confronted with a choice. What if all the NHS staff chose a different career, or chose to work private, but they won’t because it’s not in the psyche – most simply want to help people.

Who should we really applaud, who do we want to live in this country, who are the real heroes.

Too be Kind…….viva L’anarchie


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