Are we really trying to alienate any nation that doesn’t believe in western values.

Extreme Muslims have jihad, another head rolls, Obama says no but how many states murder their guilty.

Putin wants to protect Russia from a collapsing nation, run by a fascist rebellion who weren’t democratically elected but we are insistent of trying to create another Cold War even when Putin does his upmost to stop violence. He can’t enter Ukraine but we can enter Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria anytime we want.

Closer to home, 1 Commercial Street, London has separate entrances based on how much yo spent on your property. We all are thankful that we live in a free world, but how free is it really if you don’t have money or don’t tow the uniformed view?


Whilst involved in South Norwood Tourist Board I have had to mix with a lot of local councillors, MP’s etc in order to get them to actually give a fuck about the area we live in. The Tories hated South Norwood, evidenced by the availability of funds for other areas apart from ours.

Now Labour have got in they have one aim – to remain in power; so when a hard working, dedicated, community councillor, who  isn’t in it for the politics but the pure belief that she can make a difference, only to be thwarted by the party she has given her time for. Tony Benn’s daughter has walked straight into being a candidate for South Croydon (investment banker), Steve Reed took over Croydon North – jobs for the boys I hear you ask?

I have worked closely with Jane over the last two months and found we have a lot in common politically – a belief in social responsibility, community, fairness and is anti corporation and greed. It’s rare to meet a politician with principles but if more politicians were like Jane Avis I’m certain our area would be a nicer place.


If Owen Jones can get published in the Guardian – I should keep writing

Yes I’m back – mainly because Owen Jones is such a cock, simply reiterating common sense theories that my Dad has been saying for years, but gets published because he went to fucking Oxford.

Having Owen Jones speak up for Socialism is why I am an anarchist.

Fuck Off back to Oxford.




He seems to miss the irony that the only reason he is in the position he is in, is because he went to Oxford, equality doesn’t come into it. How many local schools do you know who run trips to Norway – most of us can’t even afford to go there. Those who died in the hatch and families complained that the US coastguard wasn’t doing enough for them even though they had done more than they usually would because they were UK citizens.

It isn’t class envy, its just a matter of fact that the majority of the population, (those who keep the wheels turning), never get opportunities to do lots of things simply due to money or status. If you go to the right schools, have enough money the world is your oyster. Why should we mourn if something terrible happens, when experiencing something most can only dream off.

Owen Jones is making a career for himself by simply stating common sense facts but he obviously can’t get over the fact he can never be what he claims to stand up for. No he can’t deny his background but he doesn’t have to be so bloody worthy, and have to accept that the working class don’t have to like him just because he claims to have their interests at heart.

Fuck Off back to Oxford.

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‘In a recent anti-austerity protest organised by the People’s Assembly, Bone’s Class War crew decided not to target, say, George Osborne or Iain Duncan-Smith, but mocked up an admittedly amusing banner featuring a still of me from a BBC programme clutching a bottle of champagne, adorned with the emphatic words: “Fuck off back to Oxford.” Bone is a disciple of Mikhail Bakunin, a 19th-century Russian anarchist whose aristocratic family owned 500 serfs, and of the even more aristocratic Russian Peter Kropotkin.’

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It is the End

I’ve enjoyed blogging, but you have to face up to things that who really gives a fuck what I think.

One thing it has taught me is that I enjoy writing and have begun to subvert the system by writing children’s books.

I will also remain active and focused on my other venture with Ian Bone, South Norwood Tourist Board.

Thanks to those who have read. I am still on Twitter @spideysaves but have deleted my Facebook account.

A Brief Encounter with our Local Politicians!

After seeing a letter in our local paper calling the area I love a dump, I wondered if any of our elected representatives would stand up and defend our fantastic community.

Good Morning

 I’m sure you have seen the Guardian letter, South Norwood does get overlooked and Addiscombe always appears to be compared more favourably – even in election run up!

 I hope someone is going to comment on this as none actually properly stands up and says how wonderful South Norwood is, promoting its positive points.

As elected representatives of SE25 I would hope that you will address this issue. I understand if Mr Barwell remains quiet as it has always been evident from the past 8 years that the Tories would quite happily see this area decline, having put no investment or support to our wonderful community.

A quick response may stop this feeling growing within the area.


Jason E Cooper 

Member of the Community.

The response I got from Steve Reed MP was this:

Dear Jason,

You might be interested in this story about a public meeting I recently addressed in South Norwood where I talked about regenerating the area and also about its strengths.

Best wishes,



My response to which I’m waiting a reply.


Hi Steve
I have been following your tireless task of trying to improve our area, but I was hoping that somebody would actually address that letter head on. I appreciate that with the change of council their will be the winds of change in policy but not necessarily in public opinion about the area.
Regardless of any state intervention if the public don’t feel good about their area, or believe they live in a great neighbourhood, then it could be years before you see the effect on people’s attitude. We all know there are issues in South Norwood, and its great you are trying to address them, but sometimes the positive really needs spelling out NOT simply that it will get better now Labour are in (although I’m sure it will:)
Politicians will come and go but the residents will remain long after.
Kind regards
Jason E Cooper

A Stuffy antiquated woman spouting stuffy antiquated policies.

The Queen announced the forthcoming agenda, I don’t know which one should be put down first. Where is the help for those struggling now, where policy to atopy house prices spiralling out of control. Has none thought in ten years there will be fewer jobs, a shortage of affordable homes and debt will spiral.

A resource led economy rather than a monetary based economy would invest in invention in order to make resources cheaper NOT to line the pockets of an entrpreneur. The coalition is hanging on by its fingernails and Labour are trying to appease everyone by agreeing with nearly everything that has been put forward – they would do things slightly different of course.

To Be Kind……..Viva L’Anarchie



Stan Cullis’s Wolves team ‘the third most successful side in history’



Stan Cullis’s Wolves team have been named the third most successful side in history, according to a new study.

Stan Cullis
Stan Cullis

And that’s a long overdue nod of acclaim for a team and a manager the wider football world stands accused of under-valuing in modern times.

Based on the period from 1951-61 when Wolves won the League three times and the FA Cup, Cullis’s great side comes out behind only Manchester United from 1992-2002 and Liverpool from 1979-89.

But it still sees Wolves finish ahead of some of English football’s most celebrated teams – Matt Busby’s United from 1946-56, Chelsea from 2001-11, Bill Nicholson’s push-and-run Tottenham from 1956-66, Arsenal under Arsene Wenger from 1996-2006, Don Revie’s Leeds from 1964-74, Arsenal’s post-War side from 1945-55 and Preston’s 1950-60 outfit.

The study was undertaken by Dr Ian McHale, director of the centre for sports business at Salford Business School, and chair of the Royal Statistical Society’s sports section, which he claims objectively determines the greatest English teams of all time.

And one of the players drawn to Wolves because of that famous floodlit era welcomes the findings.

“It’s long overdue,” said John Richards. “Most football people growing up post the Second World War, regardless of the club they supported, would recognise Wolves as being the leading team of that era.

“It was without doubt their time. They set so many standards and made so many breakthroughs. It surprises me that other teams have since been given a higher standing.

“There was always a theory that the Midlands was a neglected area and certainly, by the time we went into the 1970s, even after Forest and Villa won the European Cup, there was still a feeling the media spotlight was never as big here as it was in London or in the north.”

McHale, a Liverpool fan, decided to undertake the project after being teased that Manchester United were better than the Reds.

He looked at English domestic statistics from the foundation of the Football League in 1888 until the end of the 2011-12 season, taking in 206,843 games in which 601,039 goals were scored, and including any team which has played at least 250 matches.

His research uses methodology similar to that used by bookmakers to predict results but looks back into the past and takes account of varying team strength over time.

The study generated a top 10 for the strongest side over a single year/season and a top 10 for the most dominant team over a 10-year period.

During their stellar decade, Wolves won 220 out of their 420 League games, scoring 949 goals, including a never-to-be-matched 100-plus in four consecutive seasons from 1957-61.

What it doesn’t take into account were the famous floodlit friendlies pioneered by Cullis as a forerunner to the European Cup and Champions League.

Wolves took on and beat the cream of the continent’s best club sides, including Honved, Moscow Dynamo, Moscow Spartak, Red Star Belgrade and Real Madrid, and there’s also no accounting for the effect on the next domestic game after travelling from the different corners of Europe.

It’s impossible to give a true answer to how one great team would compare against one from a different era. But McHale believes he has come as close as possible.

“If you consider domestic championships and cups, many people would argue you can’t look beyond one of the great Liverpool sides of 1970s and 1980s, or Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United teams of the 1990s or the early part of this century, as the greatest English club team ever,” said McHale.

“Wolves is a great example from the 1950s, like Manchester City now, of a club who have had long lean spells, but you can see the trajectory and the lifespan of their best team.”


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