>I have decided to start this blog (not another fucking idiot who thinks people are bothered about what he thinks) as a way of attempting to convey information about the area I live in, and the news, events & incidents that are preventing it becoming a utopia.

A utopia for whom I hear you ask? A utopia for all I reply with a wry smile on my face, except for fucking tories, selfish cunts, I think but don’t quite say. Yes utopia for all.

A life free of crime, poverty, and class. A place where everyone respects everybody else because they deserve respect not because someone has told you to. A place devoid of law and money, people should be allowed to do what they want, but without economic and class shackels there would be no need for greed and avarice.

Bollocks – I can hear you all cry. That just anarchy. No I cry back, not the stereotypical anarchy you are imagining full of destruction and fire, but a society built on – dare I say it – mutual aid – thats just for the Kropotkin fans out there. No fires no smoke just communal people going about their day, all doing what is necessary to keep the community going.

Okay I’m dreaming but if you don’t strive for something you will never get it. Hopefully this blog will empty my head a little to make room for more stuff I don’t yet know, but also make people think about how they treat their family, friends, neighbours, street, community, the world, the universe etc etc