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A poll for local BBC radio stations has uncovered that many of our pupils don’t have  “daily acts of worship” despite the Department for Education stating that all maintained schools in England must provide a daily act of collective worship. Some schools opt for teaching about community rather than a specific religion. Whilst I believe that children should be taught about all religions, in the context that they exist, they shouldn’t be forced into any of them unless by the childs own choice or curiosity. It is ridiculous to now think of this country as a christian one as it is multicultural, and it lends itself to racist thugs like the EDL, using our christian heritage as some sort of validation of their vile beliefs.

I have respect for people who have faith in whatever they choose, if that brings them some sort of peace, but I have no time for any religious institution or having their religion forced. Just because somebody goes to church doesn’t make them a better person than any one else, but people seem to use that as a marker. Religion has no scientific founding and many religions oppose what other religions believe, causing much unrest and bloodshed in the world.

I am quite happy not believing