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Unfortunately I have not been able to witness the biggest gathering for decades, show defiance to oppressive Government policies, as I spent most the day in bed after the removal of my cancerous legion. I was really looking forward to joining all comrades at the embankment on a day which will be written in history, instead I have listened to all the banal comments about the strike from the public. The two main comments were:

1. They have made my life awkward because schools are closed (are strikes meant to be convenient

2. I work in the private sector and my pension is shit, so why should they have a good pension.

Yes these two common public opinions is what the Government are taking as their justification for screwing the backbone of this country. If Cameron has his way this will never happen again as there will be nobody left working in the public sector.

As far as the sustainability issue goes how can we not give the public sector a good pension scheme  but allow tax avoidance from various companies. Even HMRC are now taking legal advice to see if the tax avoidance was actually legal.