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Although I advocate for the abolition of the Lords, at least it’s a last line of defence when a government tries to bring in legislation that simply attacks the defenceless. The Tories are adamant they are going to revamp (destroy) the welfare state, and want to introduce  a means test the benefits of young disabled people and cancer patients.

‘NAY’, said a Lord, ‘You heartless bastards’ said another – this is a dramatised account of what happened that may or may not resemble the truth.

Yes I agree that the rich and mighty should not have benefits that are meant to support those in need but lets put things in a priority order. Fucking tax the rich bastards – it’s not even a request to increase their taxation rate, just get them to pay the same amount as every other working man. Osborne has allowed companies who have moved their treasurey abroad to pay a reduced tax (5% I think) but how we will recoup that money is by stopping the benefits of someone who is a wheelchair.

What a wonderful world this is!