I wish I was a Goat

Floundering attempts at making some sort of sense
Striving for significance – In a universe that will not give a shit

The myth of Sisyphus

Authenticity is important, but I’m not sure who I am anymore
I’m at the point now where I’m also doubting who I was before
The arbitrary nature of thought leaves me alone and paranoid
Synonyms for a void

Nobody belongs, time brings invalidation
Find selfish solace in mutual trepidation

The absurd condition of human existence – a struggle to embrace
I do not get the point that I am supposed to miss
The passive submission or preferred resistance
Just give me breathing space

The meaning I used to find
Over-analyzed, displaced
Dispense your goals and actions into something trivial
Pick apart pointless projects, my brain sings with vitriol

I don’t reflect, I destroy with thinking
The examined life is not worth living
Look at my sad life in detail and you’ll see it is a comedy

Sometimes I wish I was a goat
Sometimes I wish I was a goat

By Crywank

Hospital Silence

An echoing silence.
The infamous din is haunting.
Not the loss, but that one

Not one split-second can go by without the ringing.
Yearning for one last flicker of-
It’s impossible to watch.
Her eyes closed
As it seemed to the ones left behind
But as her eyes closed, a whole world opened
a world maybe an imitation or maybe just forgotten

Eyes bend reality to make reality what is needed
as that beep
is heard,
the reality is no longer bent
it is reflected
in to the eyes all at once
a moment of realisation.

Open eyes and fleeting smiles
Maybe there’s just a little-

Violet Morgan

A poem from the daughter of a trusted friend.

Heroin or Religion: Is there a Difference?

The longer I live the more that I realise that Marx was / is correct on most things. And the fact that Marx is widely available and widely read / studied, just HOW did the world get in such a mess.

When thought can be chargeable, the thoughts need to be ratified, therefore can thoughts simply become a mechanism to get ratified to become more chargeable.

A country without free education is doomed to deny any form of individualism.


I don’t believe in democracy, I don’t believe in that voting helps change anything due to the progression of professional politicians.

Like him or loathe him – Jeremy Corbyn is the factor that breaks status quo, taking politics back to a time when Government was about the people, and i classed as having no leadership qualities in a age where starong leadership simply means bully.

I don’t advocate voting for any party in particular but for fucks sake if you have any common decency or compassion for future generations HELP GET RID OF THE TORIES.


What do Politicians actually do?

They don’t create anything, they don’t produce any resources that are essential to live, yet we allow them to control our lives.

I would rather have professional people who actually know what they are doing running the country; scientists, doctors, teachers, farmers, builders etc as they will have a greater understanding of what change is needed and plans for the future.

To Be Kind…………viva L’anarchie

Avoid the selfish and narcissistic.

You meet many people in your life, some good some bad, however the older I get the more I realise that there is an area of grey between the two. Some people don’t hide the fact that they are only in it for themselves, whether that be materialistically or adulation but you know where you stand with them.

Then there are those who talk a good game, say and do the right things but when it comes down to a basic level then are probably worse than the above because they are plastic.

People who you don’t necessarily agree with their beliefs can actually surprise you!

Let the Prime Numbers Rise!

Pi, algorithmes, prime numbers, spirals, the golden ratio etc….

Maths is the way to solve the capitalistic crisis as logic is pure.

Religion is not pure, is manipulated, is not logical and prays on vulnerability and fear. As an institution all religion is flawed simply by the fact of non acceptance of those who do not share a similar viewpoint, in spite of the fact nothing preached can be proven. Faith is not pure as it is judgemental.

Number do not judge.

To Be Kind…………….Viva L’anarchie



I’m Back – I’ve got a lot to say and can’t stay quiet anymore.


Follow the red road to Utopia.

To much has been going on in the world for me not to start writing again. I no longer entertain Facebook….why..founded by an arrogant, mysogynistic and narcissistic cunt……..I can’t be done with things like that in my life.

Also, there is so much fantastic art, theatre, film and music that needs to be shared and spread wide.

If I can do a little bit to simply contribute to anyone’s thinking then it was all worthwhile.

To Be Kind………..Viva L’anarchic

This is the end, my only friend, the end!

It was fun but I am now only going to be using twitter.

Follow me and my ranting at the inequality of it all, and laugh as the Labour party implodes whilst the Tory cunts are taking us back to the ‘tug me forelock mister, spare some change’ days. Unions are the only way forward to ensure equality in the workplace and get people believing in the power of cooperation and community.

The way to achieve utopia, a true anarchic state, is through discourse and the form it takes; plant the seed, and watch the right person awaken, scales fallen from their eyes , as they realise most of the noise (politics, bureaucracy) is created by and for those who love to reveal in their own self importance. Life can be simple………

To Be kind………..Viva L’anarchie

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