About Utopia

Somebody once said “that everything in life has political ramifications” and this is what I want to try and demystify. It’s not just our actions that have an impact upon our neighbourhoods and society in general, but also the way we communicate. Discourse has a massive impact on the way society is formed and interact with each other. Whether you takes a reactionary road or one of a more collaborative or appeasement nature, change can be created through many devices.

Not only do you have to take into consideration yourself but also have to have the perception to how other things are influencing you. From the vocabulary used by certain newspapers to abhor and scare it’s readership to forge opinions, to the television that has become an everyday part of society.

Some of the things I comment may be positive, some of them not so positive, but I will comment anyway.

Hopefully this blog may give you an alternate view on things or maybe thing about the wider ramifications of a certain things.

Anyway, here it goes………………

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