What do Politicians actually do?

They don’t create anything, they don’t produce any resources that are essential to live, yet we allow them to control our lives.

I would rather have professional people who actually know what they are doing running the country; scientists, doctors, teachers, farmers, builders etc as they will have a greater understanding of what change is needed and plans for the future.

To Be Kind…………viva L’anarchie

Avoid the selfish and narcissistic.

You meet many people in your life, some good some bad, however the older I get the more I realise that there is an area of grey between the two. Some people don’t hide the fact that they are only in it for themselves, whether that be materialistically or adulation but you know where you stand with them.

Then there are those who talk a good game, say and do the right things but when it comes down to a basic level then are probably worse than the above because they are plastic.

People who you don’t necessarily agree with their beliefs can actually surprise you!

Let the Prime Numbers Rise!

Pi, algorithmes, prime numbers, spirals, the golden ratio etc….

Maths is the way to solve the capitalistic crisis as logic is pure.

Religion is not pure, is manipulated, is not logical and prays on vulnerability and fear. As an institution all religion is flawed simply by the fact of non acceptance of those who do not share a similar viewpoint, in spite of the fact nothing preached can be proven. Faith is not pure as it is judgemental.

Number do not judge.

To Be Kind…………….Viva L’anarchie



I’m Back – I’ve got a lot to say and can’t stay quiet anymore.


Follow the red road to Utopia.

To much has been going on in the world for me not to start writing again. I no longer entertain Facebook….why..founded by an arrogant, mysogynistic and narcissistic cunt……..I can’t be done with things like that in my life.

Also, there is so much fantastic art, theatre, film and music that needs to be shared and spread wide.

If I can do a little bit to simply contribute to anyone’s thinking then it was all worthwhile.

To Be Kind………..Viva L’anarchic

This is the end, my only friend, the end!

It was fun but I am now only going to be using twitter.

Follow me and my ranting at the inequality of it all, and laugh as the Labour party implodes whilst the Tory cunts are taking us back to the ‘tug me forelock mister, spare some change’ days. Unions are the only way forward to ensure equality in the workplace and get people believing in the power of cooperation and community.

The way to achieve utopia, a true anarchic state, is through discourse and the form it takes; plant the seed, and watch the right person awaken, scales fallen from their eyes , as they realise most of the noise (politics, bureaucracy) is created by and for those who love to reveal in their own self importance. Life can be simple………

To Be kind………..Viva L’anarchie

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And they tore themselves apart while the actual privileged sat back, laughing and baying at the spectacle.

Another 5 years of Tory rule, and as the left reminded us that he majority of wealth is owned by the minority of people, it is the working people of this country that vote Tory. Why – the belief and aspirations that they are no longer at the bottom of the food chain; a mortgage and a car in the midlands meant most people believed they were proper middle class and therefore needed the politics to go with it, as well as the judgemental selfishness.

I am currently at Seashore Holiday Camp, one of the last traditions of stereotypical working class holidays but this time there is a difference; the owners and the holidaymakers. There is a clear divide, pool times where only owners are allowed to use, with 2 people in the pool while 50 queue up waiting patiently with the kids.

Politics/morality (let’s face it your either a selfish cunt or you do actually care not just about now but future generations) is hitting all aspects of life, whatever you do, there is always a way of paying more money to give you an advantage; theme parks, travel, homes, clothes etc. divide and conquer has always been a tactic of the right, and by giving those who have not, the belief that they are entitled and then the opportunity perpetuates the whole historical landowner better than you mentality. The key to undermining a society based on material wealth is by not wanting. 

Our mentality needs to change, be thankful what you have, and not grieve over that which you have never had. I don’t see how this country will ever change – take away material gain and generally look at people’s attitude to the sick, disabled and elderly, consideration doesn’t cost anything but our mentality that ANYTHING for nothing is  wrong.

After all, once we are out of Europe and immigration has stopped, the disabled, elderly and sick are given little badges to wear,  followed by more badges for those who are homeless, unemployed or want to exercise your right to protest. They have promised everyone’s lives will be better, and the majority (under our antiquated system) bought the lie, or believed the fear mongering, regardless the result is the same.

The hunting ban will soon be repealed but the kicker is those over a certain income will be allowed to hunt anyone who has been given a badge. They did say they would find the cuts and solve the housing shortage.

Watch THE RIOT CLUB, these are the people running our country.
To Be Kind…………..Viva L’anarchie