Floundering attempts at making some sort of sense
Striving for significance – In a universe that will not give a shit

The myth of Sisyphus

Authenticity is important, but I’m not sure who I am anymore
I’m at the point now where I’m also doubting who I was before
The arbitrary nature of thought leaves me alone and paranoid
Synonyms for a void

Nobody belongs, time brings invalidation
Find selfish solace in mutual trepidation

The absurd condition of human existence – a struggle to embrace
I do not get the point that I am supposed to miss
The passive submission or preferred resistance
Just give me breathing space

The meaning I used to find
Over-analyzed, displaced
Dispense your goals and actions into something trivial
Pick apart pointless projects, my brain sings with vitriol

I don’t reflect, I destroy with thinking
The examined life is not worth living
Look at my sad life in detail and you’ll see it is a comedy

Sometimes I wish I was a goat
Sometimes I wish I was a goat

By Crywank