>I thought I would write a little bit about Cheltenham, as its race week, and the news is dominated by it. We (me and the mass collective (Lou & Lily) lived there for two and a half years. What an eye opener that was. Misogyny, racism, sexism, homophobic…do I need to add more. I suppose its only too be suspected as it one of the Royal Spa towns and look what a fuck up the royals are. We had some friends who loved Cheltenham, although he got stabbed in the first week of moving there, and thought it was a great place to bring up kids!

However it is race week, where the Irish, the wealthy and the working class all pile on the course with Leckhampton hill on the landscape to watch small people, well my friend went out with a jockey and said he was small, ride really fast on horses in attempt to beat the bookie and win a few quid. Good luck to you all.

I shall be in the workingmans club on Friday, creating my own Cheltenham, drinking only halfs for the girls because its unsightly and losing money I can ill afford. Good luck to me.