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What is the Daily mails problem? (Actually what a stupid question. I think people could name thousands and thats not even considering the readership). As if Gypsies weren’t bad enough, trying to make homes for themselves on a plot of land they own, now anarchists and students (can’t students be anarchists or does that start to get confusing) are arriving. Fuck me, the Daily Mail doesn’t half perpetuate fear whenever there is a protest in favour of all things that aren’t endearing to the Daily Mail readership.

Bring back hanging, fox hunting is an effective form of pest control, conscription would sort them all out.

Have you seen the pictures of the families at Dale Farm? They don’t look like they are up to standing to brutal police tactics. What’s wrong with fellow citizens helping out there common man with their struggle; I bet the families there don’t feel hijacked  If you saw a drowning child would you instinctively jump in and save them or would you first worry about ruining your clothes (it’s a a Nicole Fahri don’t you know).

A bit preachy I know but when you see headlines like that it makes my blood boil. What future headlines could they publish:

Anarchists to pose as dog walkers to get near Royal Family

Anarchists will eat you alive if you look in a mirror and say Kropotkin Kropotkin x 3.

Daily Mail – Fuck it and its readership.