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The residents of Dale Farm have issued a statement to counterbalance what the press are writing about the growth of their support, however the press are still putting a bias on their reporting. Just read the sentence from the BBC website:

“People fighting eviction from the UKs largest illegal traveller site have denied claims they have been infiltrated by trouble-makers.”

The site isn’t actually illegal as the families of Dale Farm own the land, it is just any building / caravan; to simply describe the site as illegal suggests that they have no right to be there not that planning permission hasn’t been given.

Kathleen McCarthy, a resident of the site has said

Anybody who is welcomed on this site will resist in a peaceful way. Theres been rumours going round that they [trouble makers] have come in and taken over our camp and that’s not the real story. We invited these people here and they are showing us great respect and great support.

A supporters camp called Camp Constant has been set up by Dale Farm and will be manned 24 hours.

It’s all a different situation to the Daily Mail report yesterday. Whilst there is lazy journalism (or clever) to taint the story in order to fan the flames of public fear.

If you are want to join in the support for Dale Farm, Amnesty International have organised a email protest, click on link below to send an email to the appropriate people:

Amnesty Campaign