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Unfortunately this isn’t a story about a local working class barber taking vengeance upon Mr Cameron, it is Brendan Barber, the lovable (?) TUC leader, denouncing Cameron’s response to the riots:

A society that ranks among the most unequal anywhere in the developed world; where a super rich elite have been allowed to float free from the rest of us; where a generation of young people are growing up without work, without prospects, without hope. Rather than addressing the complex long-term factors that lie behind the alienation – the poverty, the lack of social mobility, young lives stunted by hope denied – they have instead reached for simplistic cliches about moral decay.

And yet as they have retreated to Victorian language about the undeserving poor, they have said nothing about moral disintegration among the rich

Unions are no longer as strong as they used to be as industry in this country has declined; the public sector now represent the majority of union membership, and Mr Barber will need to get everyone on board in order to attack the policies of the Tories and prove that the TUC is not toothless. There is a need to call a general strike, but whether or not it would be supported is another thing; to lose a days money can be crippling for some people.