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There have been more promises at the TUC conference that the country will be crippled by strike action with Unison, Unite, the GMB and the Fire Brigades’ Union stating that they will consult members about co-ordinated industrial action. November is the month that the first of the strikes will start. The Government have said that the strikes will only serve to make the public angry, but the public sector are right to fight for their pensions.

To many occupations don’t have the luxury of union support and suffer as the result of it. Yes, unions don’t have the strenghth that they may have had in the 70’s and 80’s, but they still an important part of society. How many comrades do you know that work for private small companies, that are not given rights that they are entiled to, bullied at work or sacked for no reason? I’m sure ACAS are busier than they have ever been. Unions may not be able to resolve all that ails you but at least you are not on your own.

Solidarity is the key, and with a general strike perhaps the Tories may listen to the majority of the people they are meant to represent and not the privelidged few. If you read this and have a vote ensure you vote for action; there will be many more people on the streets to support you.