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These are the tactics that are being employed at Dale Farm. Two people have had an arm set into a large barrel of concrete, and there has been a notice put outside the gates that a woman is attached to the gate by her neck; any attempt to open them will snap her neck. Tha balliffs are at the gates of Dale Farm, and there task will not be easy; denounced as unlawful by delegates of United Nations, and mass support from Travellers from all around Europe, Basildon council maintain their stance.

The spokesperson for Dale Farm has stated that they are willing to go but they need a place to go. Well you can’t say fairer than that. Apparently there is a plot of land in Cambridge owned by the council that would be suitable, but Basildon have yet to turn up to negotiate with the Dale Farm representatives. It reinforces the view that this isn’t about Greenbelt issues but simply prejudice against the travellers.