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The new £50 note has been unveiled, featuring the heads of Matthew Boulton and engineer James Watt inspirational engineers for the modernisation of the textile industry. Yes, the industrial revolution that saw thousands of workers cast out of their jobs, and maybe as a result their homes, into the workhouse and poverty. To have Boulton & Watt celebratedon a note that is worth more than a lot of families have to live on per week is really taking the piss. Efficiency and modernisation usually is as a result of greed, the desire to make more money at the expense of the rest of us.

Work Harder, Work faster, ask fewer questions then you can be told no lies .

I have only ever has two £50 notes in my life; one was for a weekends work at the local petrol station when I as 18 (he rounded my wages up), and the other was given to me by my next door neighbour to “have a drink on her” (bless Olive & Ruby), so it’s not something I see often as I’m sure is the case for the majority of people.