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This week sees the Tories in conference and no doubt they will come out with the same old bollocks that will mean that times will become even harder. Theresa May has started slowly by stating that the Human Rights Act should be abolished in this country – we can’t have Europe telling us what to do – I hear the Mail readers scream; George Osborne has graciously stated that the Council Tax will not rise meaning that all councils will be forced to cut back more public services; and Boris Johnson wants to make it a crime to verbally abuse a policeman, yet no legislation to stop police abusing peaceful protesters.

The longer the Tories are in power, the more the public sector will shrink, unemployment will rise as their economic policies haven’t kick-started any growth, and as a result of the increasing demonstrations and protests, they will attempt to increase police power. Shut up and be happy will be the order of the day.

The only lifeline I can see is that the Liberals break up the coalition. Where is the honour of being deputy to the captain of a sinking ship!