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Sutton has been rocked by the news that ‘Memory Lane’ shop is selling Golliwogs. The comments on the website are worth reading through. It does appear that a lot of people who see nothing wrong in it are over 70,

There are certain things that shouldn’t really resurface or should go away – for example the term ‘paki shop’. It’s just an expression but a fucking racist one at that. Robinsons jam saw that the Gollywog or the revised Golly could never be used as a successfull advertising campaign once we became enlightened. There are certain images that will never regain the innocence they once had before they became politicised. Take skinheads, yes it may simply be about the music but so long has it been associated and directly linked to the far right that it can never be truly retrieved. Ask any non white person how they immediately feel if they see a group of skinheads.

Political Ramifications from association of images can be long lasting and never forgiven.


Thanks to my wife Lou for pointing this story out for me.