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So the Stone Roses are the latest band to succumb to the pressure of forty something’s recreating their youth. Yes they were good twenty two years ago (on record at least) but that was then and this is now; acid raves and e had hit the scene and the whole ‘madchester’ scene encapsulated that perfectly – leave it there. I saw Ian Brown flogging the deadhorse at Reading 96, and what made it awful was not the absence of John Squires but the fact that he can’t fucking sing live.

With the complete takeover of manufactured pop on any radio station or music programme new bands have greater difficulty getting any airPlay, however this means you should just delve further. Do people who like music only get allocated a small time span to which they have to remain loyal. I fucking hope not. John Squire once said “I want to live my life not rehash it”. I suppose a few million quid can change anyone’s view – Now where is that lottery ticket!