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This appears to be the ‘get out of jail free’ card that all footballers can play when accused of any wrong doing. Carlos Tevaz refused to come of the bench for Man City is simply a misundersatnding, Mario Balotelli and Andy Carroll are apparently misunderstood, and now John Terry allegedly giving Anton Ferdinand racial abuse has been explained as, a simple misunderstanding. He is reported as saying:

I would never say such a thing – and I’m saddened that people would think so………I congratulated him on their win. He has not accused me of any wrongful remark. It was clear it was all a misunderstanding at the time.

What isn’t about footballers, or should I clarify, footballers with money, who think that no matter what they do is acceptable because they are rich. The greed of the premiership and it’s players cannot continue for much longer without having far reaching consequences across football.