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Hinchbrooke has become the first NHS hospital to be given over to the private sector; Circle Healthcare have been handed the hospital on a ten year lease. Quickly looking at the main people involved in Circle Healthcare: Ali Parsa, Chief Executive & Garri Jones, Head of Financing both come from a background with Goldman Sachs. Wait a minute are Goldman Sachs that well respected health specialists…..mmmmm no..they are a corporate leech sucking the wealth out of anything they can latch themselves to. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that there may be other priorities for Circle Healthcare than teh provision of mediacl attention.

The Tories privatised the cleaning of hospitals in the early 90’s and now we have the superbug MRSA due to the uncleanliness of some hospitals. The future doesn’t look good for Hinchbrook hospital and those who rely on it’s services.