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Oakland felt the backlash for speaking out, now Wall street is feeling the same, but the question remains as to what Cameron is going to do with the St Paul’s lot. Knowing how detrimental the Tories find a little thing called ‘rights’ when running the country, and coupled with some of the proposals they want to go through, I do worry for their safety.

1. Cameron has suggested to the CBI proposals to make it easier to sack people. With union members being blacklisted in certain industries, perhaps this will now cover protesting – for making life inconveneint for the ruling classes.

2. Talk of surface to air missiles being available during the olympics (terrorist attacks) – what is the state’s understanding of a terrorist (someone who doesn’t agree with the ruling classes?) – will they launch an armed assault against the 1%.

3. Total policing in full effect as seen at the recent demonstrations on November 9th, it won’t be long before bullying tatics are going to be employed. Total policing – no tolerance for any criticism of the ruling classes?

The right to anonymity will soon become a freedom long forgotten – how long before the idea of identity cards is pushed again – is the whole Theresa May thing simple disinformation to get the public backing for such a drastic attack on civil liberties.