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The final pieces of the jigsaw are being put into place, the largest of the teaching unions, NASUWT has confirmed that the ballot was over 80% in favour of strike action. With Unite joining UNISON it could be the nearest to a General Strike that this country has seen for decades. Even the National Association of Probation Officers announced on Thursday that members had voted for industrial action by more than four-to-one, and it will be be only the third time they have come out on strike in over hundred years.

Do you know what that Cuntin Osborne has done (quote from The Exorcist) – he actually needs to borrow more than even Labour projected they would need without the drastic cuts, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that he doesn’t know what he is doing. I wonder if there is anything he is actually good at, as obviously economics is not his strong point. More Unemployment, less tax, more benefits – even my little economic knowledge knows that this doesn’t encorage growth.

Let November 30th be a day that will be taught in history over the next hundred years, the day the public showed their anger for the complete fucking mess the Tories are making of the country.