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With the strike looming in two days, it is easy to focus on the disruption that will be cause (evil militant unions, selfish public sector people who will live like kings on their pensions whilst eveyone else will live in the gutter), but nothing has been mentioned about all those going on strike will actually lose a days pay in the month preceding christmas. Whilst this won’t have impact on the bigger earners (will Brendan Barber lose a days pay?), those who are at the lower end of the scale it will have a bigger impact. For some people it isn’t a flippant decison to go on strike and may be simply their last resort, hence the importance of Wednesday.   

However, it is nice to hear that Newcastle county council are going to leave the deduction of strike money until February; this not only gives leeway for Christmas but will also be taken when their is two months grace with the council tax. I hope other councils follow suit.