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It is great that new jobs are going to be created, and perhaps the revival of the pub trade; demand for eating out (Greene King do offer good deals) and real ale has been increasing. With the rising costs in supermarkets it can be just as cheap to eat out and get a relaxing pint at the same time.

However it can be looked as something more socially sinister. Dependant on what pubs are open (every brewery has their own middle class bar chain), it may be just another opportunity for the working class to earn minimum wage, serving the middle classes (just see if the staff actually get their tips and not the owners!). On the other hand, Oscar Wilde said “Drink is the curse is of the working classes”, perhaps this is Cameron’s latest attack on our class. Take away our jobs, benefits and now pensions perhaps he hopes we will all now drink ourselves to death, and there will be no health service to save us. This country is still trying to copy the outdated ‘Reaganomics’ of the 80’s, and perhaps the growth of the ghetto’s is Camerons strategy for dealing with the working classes. Black neighbourhoods could be noted by the increase in liquor shops and gun shops, keeping crime isolated within isolated areas.

The one thing Cameron has forgotten is that we will fight back. The working class made this country and own this country we will not had it over to the privelidged few without a fight. Yesterday was just the start.