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Forget the economic crisis, forget the rising unemployment and all the continued job cuts, forget the rising costs of food and fuel, forget all the areas that were damaged by the riots and the lessons that need to be learned, forget that the gap between the rich and the poor is getting larger, forget the housing crisis, and forget that Jeremy Clarkson is a cunt (although that is difficult to forget)…….what this country needs to pull everyone together is the olympics.

Why have a 40 million pound openning show when we can spend 80 million and show the world that everything is ok. Why say we can do something for 2 billion pounds when we can spend 9.6 billion (and rising) to watch people run in circles as fast as they can and throw things a very long way! The world will gasp as Olympians strive to be better than the best, whilst the rest of the country struggles. The western world criticised Bejing for them suppressing any protest and censoring the images that the rest of the world saw – and it looks like Britain will be no different.

The rest of the world will thrive in the pomp and the glory and the admire the historical images that London has to offer, but the reality will not be shown. All competitions were suspended during the world wars, but what the Tories don’t understand is that a world war is currently being waged against capitalism.

Fuck the Olympics.  Fuck ‘Lord’ Seb Coe (Tory bastard – Steve Ovett was always better than you) and Fuck David Cameron.