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Two stories that have stuck out so far today, is that it has been recognised that due to the increase in fees and the cut in EMA many students are turning to the sex industry in order to generate extra income, whilst the Royals announce that they will be jetting across the world to celebrate 50 years of the Queen. It is two reports that highlight the unequality within this country.

No doubt some of the cabinet will join the Royals on their celebratary tour, whilst a desperate student has to shag some punter in order to subsidise their income. Perhaps it’s a conspiracy by the ruling classes to keep oldest profession in employees to service their own needs. It has been stated that about 20% of sex workers are now students.

A spokesman for the Department for Education said

We are targeting £180m a year financial support at the most vulnerable 16- to 19-year-olds to help them continue their studies – with transitional funding for the students who were getting the top rate of EMA and part way through their studies. It is down to schools and colleges themselves to award bursaries to young people who need the most help. If students are really struggling financially, they need to speak directly to their tutors.

What a fucking cop out. There was a time when students used to get grants, housing benefit and be able to sign on in the holidays, now they get a debt bigger some people’s morgages! 

Higher Education should be available regardless of a person financial stature, anything else just perpetuates the increasing inequality within our country.