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This is another issue that the Government believe only affect one aspect of society; the punishment for non compliance is a cut in benefits or eviction! I wonder who he can be targeting with a statement like that. What sort of society do we live in that threaten do as we say or you will live on the street with no money, and what will that actually solve.

You would have thought that all the social workers would actually spend all their time working with the Windsors – what a fucked up family that is. What about all the rich and priviledged few, who send their kids to boarding school and employ nannies – they are not exactly renownend for having great parenting skills or getting their hands dirty. It is easy to be a great parent when you pay to hide all your children’s issues, or pay to have them go away. 

Anyone who has children know that there is no hard and fast rule to guarentee that your children won’t get into trouble or create issues – some things are just simply out of your control. Yes everyone needs to take responsibilty for their children but it would be nice to have a level playing field.