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An independent commission has investigated the allegation that there was widespread abuse at schools, seminaries and orphanages within the Netherlands, over the last few decades. Their verdict: The Catholic Church has failed to address the issue They have estimated that one in 10 Dutch children had suffered some form of abuse, rising to one in five among those who had attended a Catholic institution. However, the Dutch branch of the Catholic Church has set up a sliding compensation system based on the severity of abuse suffered, offering compensation of between 5,000 and 100,000 euros (£4,200-£84,000; $6,500-130,000).

That makes it alright then.

I don’t want to use the ‘religion is stupid’ slant, as it’s obvious thats what I think being an anarchist and atheist, but I can’t comprehend the infallibilty of the catholic church despite the constant scandals that reoccur almost on a yearly basis. I am aware that they may be impropriety with the churches financial ties, let alone the links to Nazi Germany in the war. My question is what other institution remains this much above the law and without prosecution, why aren’t the priests involved put forward by the church for prosecution.

At least with government there is a chance to change it’s flavour, (ideally overthrow it and witness it’s downfall) but what can be done about a worldwide organisation. How can people follow something that is flawed. Is it not true that any leader that has it’s own personal police force is classed as a dictator, and as history shows, most (all?) dictators are bad, and tyhe west usually tries to overthrow them, unless they have secret financial interest within them staying in power.

What was that, the CIA put Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger in place!

Who can get a budget that’s so great?
Who will be the 51st state?
Fucking-a man!
(Fucking-A! C-I-A!)

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