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In typical arrogance of the Tories, the culture secretary has rejected claims that the spending on London 2012 Olympic Games should be restricted. I’m sure ‘tightening the belt’ isn’t a phrase Jeremy Hunt (with a silent K) is familiar with; the elder son of Admiral Sir Nicholas Hunt, Jeremy was educated at Charterhouse School, where he was head boy, followed by Magdalen College at the University of Oxford, where he became President of Oxford University Conservative Association.

Jeremy (K)Hunt has told the Daily Telegraph that voters would not forgive the government if it failed to make the most of the Games. Bollocks – I’m sure voters would rather have cheaper food and fuel prices; the government has so far provided £9.3bn for the Games (the original estimate being £2.4bn). Money cannot be found to save jobs, to slow down the cuts but all of a sudden when it’s about running in circles they can find another 6 bn.

Mr Hunt  has been quoted as saying:

You can take two attitudes to the Olympics. You can say: these are times of austerity and therefore we should pare them down as much as possible.Or, you can say: because these are times of austerity we need to do everything we possibly can to harness the opportunity of the Olympics.

Again you need to be careful how the success of the Olympics is measured. I’m sure it will majke the country money from the rich, privelidged and corporate coming to see the spectacle (not many commoners have tickets for the major events, but this needs to be weighed up against how much tourism would have usually brought in without us spending a penny. The only good thing about the Olympics is it presents a wonderful opportunity to ‘spread the word’ whilst the whole world is watching.

Mr Hunt you are a…………….