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It appears to be the local trend, your local school being transformed into an acadamy with the promise of a better school looking forward to the future. Yes acadamies are state-funded but semi-independent and outside local authority control, with has the potential to create a class structure around the school. Education Secretary Michael Gove is to accuse those who oppose his academies programme of being “happy with failure”. 

What is wrong with acadamies – nothing unless your child far from perfect; acadamies are not obliged to take any child especially ones who have been excluded temporarily or on a permanent basis (for whatever reason), the owness is on a state school to enrol them. What happens when most of our state schools have turned into acadamies, are those children going to be left to rot? The reality is a school will have more ‘difficult’ kids then they can cope with, and the school will suffer as a result.

Parents already refuse to send their children to a perceived ‘problem’, with those who can afford it moving / renting house to be near the perceived nice schools, which in itself has socialogical consequences for the local area. With the decline in the number of state schools, and the Government intent on giving parents choice, it can only lead to the continuing trend.

Speak to any parent whose child is about to start school and there preconceptions of what will give their child the best education, their heads filled full of the propaganda and disinformation fed by the Govt and the league tables as well as the local grapevine (somebodies sister’s brother’s uncle went there once). Choice has not created a more equal society but in fact the opposite; communities are built by children growing up together, not by children in the same street going to several different schools; parents working together, supporting the teachers in the local school.

Figures just released show there are now 1,529 academies open in England, compared with 200 when the coalition came to power in May 2010. To allow acadamies and their independent criteria is creating a split educational structure and usually it is only the privelidged that will benefit. The Tories have never been about the future of society only preserving inequality for all.