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It is quite ironic that the film Iron Lady has been released this week, as the report from the Campaign to End Child Poverty is released, stating what areas are the most hit. The report states that more than 50% of children in Tower Hamlets are below the poverty line, bigger than the national average of 20%; how can we live in a society that allows this to happen. It’s getting so desperate in Greece that people are giving away their children, will it come down to this in this country. If we something isn’t done soon it may come to this – none of the political parties give a fuck apart from their own cabinet office.

We all know about the policies of Thatcher that ruined the industry of this country, sold of social housing etc… but what about her impact on our attitudes; decline in social responsibilty, the breakdown of communities, the emergance of ‘I’m alright Jack’ that reflected the decline of solidarity within the unions; the legacy of Thatcher is far more reaching than her actual policies. How can Cameron even be discussing curtailing big business bonuses when there are children and families struggling in our country, surely it’s not even a consideration. How can we find another 6bn for the Olympics but food banks are on the increase because there is an increasing amount of people that can’t afford to eat (those working as well as those not – so fuck off Daily Mail before you blame scroungers and immigration).  

If we wait for the politicians to do something it may be too late – it’s time people woke up and take responsibilty for things that are happening in their streets, and their local area; you don’t need to be political, or part of an organisation / group to give a fuck, or to be told what to do. Trying to make a difference is free – sometimes people just need the littlest thing that would make a massive difference.