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It has been stated by Boris johnson that by taking away the fear of reprisals for smacking your child, would help discipline children and in turn have stopped the riots. What a load of Daily Mail bollocks. The reason that smacking was outlawed was to stop neglectful parents smacking the shit out of their kids when they felt like it.

Violence toward children is simple bullying -,you will do what I say or you will feel the back of my hand, what is this going to teach children, how to respect a differing view point? How many men beat their wives because that’s how they learnt to control.

The riots were caused by many things but just because a parent belts their child isn’t going to stop them nicking a plasma screen television. Are the jails full of people simply because they weren’t disciplined as a child? Bring an element of violence into a childhood and it can lead to more fucked up children then we currently have, and probably a few more child deaths at the hands of their caring parents.