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I was shocked, no…..absolutely gobsmacked, Ed Milliband calling for a class war……yes a class war; fucking hell I might have to change my attitude to him (but probably not). David Milliband is talking about ‘understanding where Labour went wrong’ and putting forward positive reform, but good ole Ed is telling it like it is:

 I think we’ve now heard it all. Because he says that the class war against the bankers is going to be led by him and his cabinet of millionaires. I don’t think it’s going to wash.

Too right Ed, it won’t wash, the rich are getting richer and the poor desperate. What the country need is somebody with balls (not Ed) fighting for those who are contuinually losing their voice.  I have just got an album by Test Dept with the South Wales Striking Miners (released 1985), and one of the tracks (called speech funnily enough), brought a tear to my eye, as the speaker gave a moving ‘call to arms’ speech. We need more passionate speeches to inspire the masses to regroup and fight the economic attack on our freedom and liberty, not just by those directly effected but by the whole nation.

It is a class war and always has been a class war, it’s just that Blair sold his soul for a piece in history. (It is quite ironic that his piece in history will show what a fucking sell out he was – remember clause 4). Even Education Secretary Michael Gove has labelled Haringey campaigners against turning a school into an academy as “Trots”. The gloves are obviously off.

History will always be the depiction of the struggle between the classes.