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As the Spurs fans sang ‘are you John Terry in disguise’ to Suarez on his return, does this mean John Terry’s name is now synonymous with racism, even if he is found not guilty? Have the FA jumped the gun by stripping a potential innocent man (ask Rio that question) of the captains armband? Whatever the answer to those questions Capello has blatantly shown his disdain for out FA. They may be usually spineless but this is their appeasement moment, will Capello stop at just The one interview or can he undermine the FA even more. Is JT just a pawn in the FA master plan to sack Capello?

If England did have any chance of winning Euro 2012 then team unity must be now at an all time low; the captains armband will become a poisoned chalice with the person taking it is not the mangers choice. The FA need to get rid of Capello now as he may forfeit any payoff for that interview. The FA then need to make a strong decision, they were too frightened to appoint Brian Clough but they now need to appoint Harry Redknapp, regardless of him not being able to write a team sheet. Even if he gets sent down, he’ll have plenty of time to study tactics.