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As the Govt pray that the welfare reform will be passed, George Osborne telling people not to be ‘anti business’, the NHS reform becoming so poisonous no health profession will touch it, Cameron will look to the Falklands as a way out – just like Thatcher before him ( fuck me it is a revival of the 80’s). Argentina has gone to the UN as Cameron shrugs his shoulders and says ‘what ……we are not doing anything that isn’t routine’ – keep poking that fire Cameron I’m sure it will catch soon.

It will be all pomp and splendour as our boys go off to defend a rock that is technically Argentina’s, the Queen will have her tear in her eye as Wills misses her big day due to manoeuvres on the other side of the world. This time it will be personnel, the hand of god etc.. I’m sure even David Beckham will sign up. The public will unite behind the Government for the difficult but firm decisions they have had to make……and roll on another decade of Tory incompetence.

History does have a habit of repeating itself.