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We all lambaste rich businessmen who don’t pay their fair share in taxes or treat staff below them with contempt – but do you expect any different. Capitalist companies by definition destroy anything that is weaker therefore to lead one of them your nature has to be that akin to that. Murdoch selling his Sun reporters down the river.

However after the shenanigans with football players, is it all the money that makes them a wanker or is it again just the nature of the nature of the beast – where footballers in the 60’s as bad or was it less publised. Tevaz may be coming back to Man City after he threw his toys out the pram, Luis Suarez is just a nasty piece of work – cheat (Ghana) violent (Ajax) and now racist (Liverpool), John Terry say no more, Andy Carroll the list goes on and on. Is it money or is it nature. At least with football if players got paid only if they played and an additional amount if they won, may keep their feet on the ground. It may stop young girls having ambitions of being footballers wives.

Are these people attracted into their chosen profession because it suits their nature or does money change their outlook on life.

Most footballers are not icons and should not be revered by the youth of today.