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I am very fortunate to have always been full time employed since I left university. There was a time where I worked for an agency and experienced the constant worry on a Monday morning where I hadn’t any shifts for that week. The shift usually came through but then I was lucky. The figures released this week shows unemployment is rising not just by using British statistics but by using the American way of studying the figures, unemployment is more like 6 million. This figure includes those whoi have taken part time work but are ideally looking for full time work.

We are entering a massive paradox, our comrades who are coming to what they thought would be the end of their working life, are finding that they cannot afford to retire, which then takes up a position which another person could fill. It has been shown that banks are not being as forthcoming with their business loans, so small firms cannot expand or are closing. There doesn’t appear to be much opportunity available for the youth, or for those whose industries have gone or businesses closed. What can you expect when those governing our country are backed by trust funds and don’t need to work a day in their lives.

There is an argument for the Government to work out a severance package for those over a certain age, to enable them to retire, creating a vacancy for somebody else. The package can be worked out by the amount of benefits and services that are involved with unemployment, and would be potentially saved if that person was working. The idea needs a bit of work, well quite a bit of work but something needs to be done. One thing that has been tried and tested and was an utter failure is YTS – slave fucking labour.

Equality and freedom of choice is great as long as the decisions taken don’t begin to have a detrimental fact on the rest of society. It is a fact there are not enough jobs to go around, there will never be enough jobs for 100% employment, there is a certain percentage of the population who don’t actually want to work – so why force them.