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It comes to something when the Tories offer up free labour on a plate to industry (you scrounging bastards are showing enough deference, we must belittle you when claiming benefits), and industry and charities have thrown it back. Fair enough it’s mainly to do with the fear of public reprisals than a moral thing, but at lest they can taste when something is unpalatable. The policy was simply a reintroduction of slavery – this time slavery cannot be distinguished by colour only those who circumstances have dictated that they haven’t got a job.

Working 30 hours for 4 – 6 weeks to ‘earn’ your benefits is a fucking joke. If a company has work that requires somebody to work that long then employ them on a fair wage for a fair days work. As usual you will find qualified or professional people who have hit hard times being forced to work in Tesco even though their field by be nuclear fusion. If you miss even one hour you are forced to repeat a whole week.

This is Cameron’s Big Society in full action, so called volunteers (these haven’t materialised so lets use doley scum), to take up jobs for nothing. I posted earlier this week about unemployment and it’s refreshing to know that even greedy corporate industry won’t back the Tories on this policy of Slave Labour.