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Last night senior doctors passed a vote of “no confidence” in Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, yet the Govt are pushing on with the controversial health bill. It’s opponents were finally defeated in the Lords, which appears to pave the way for the bill to become an act. All health professional have spoken out against the bill, an e-petition of over 160,000 to get the bill discussed in parliament has been quashed and the disclosure of the risk register was also blocked – so much for democracy.

The coalition came into to power due to the increasing economic crisis coupled with the anger by many, that Brown was never actually elected as PM; NHS reform was never openly discussed, although those who are wise enough knew that the Tories wouldn’t lose an opportunity to destroy 63 years of NHS care. Once a Tory always a selfish arrogant wanker, in fact it was Nye Bevan himself that compared Tories to vermin – Thatcher will be proud. The Liberals have stepped aside, pleased that they have had imact on a minor revision but in essence the NHS is going to become open to the free market, left alone to be ravished by capitalism until it will no longer be recognisable. Gary Glitter sang, “Will you miss me”, well perhaps not a good example to use but you get my point. Once it has gone there will be no turning back……unless………the Queen calls Cameron a selfish cunt and refuses to sign off on the act…..complete uproar that the monarchy have overturned a democratic elected government…………revolution, civil war for the next 20 years……….victors form a working cooperative with first item on the agenda free universal health care for all.

Well we can dream.