"You really are a wanker, David"

Winston Churchill fist coined the phrase ‘special relationship’ as he thought the Anglo-American connection was critical to maintaining the peace of the world in this new Cold War era. Thatcher and Reagan shared the same dogmatic view that the free economy was vital and apartheid should continue, not doubt Tony Blair and Bill Clinton played Jazz together or joked how they were both decieving the public.

However Obama should tell Cameron to fuck off and take his privelidge with him. Obama is the first black president of the USA, a country where the south still had segregation laws 50 years ago; Cameron is another etonoan prime minister who wants to priveleged (white) class to keep ruling the country. Obama is bringing in health reform, that appears to be based on the NHS principles, due to the belief that any other system leaves many vulnreable; health shouldn’t be based on how rich you are. Cameron wants to turn our health service into one more like America are trying to get rid off.

Perhaps Obama is taking Cameron on Air Force One in order to kick him out and do the world a favour. I’m sure the rest of Europe would welcome it as well.