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Reading various other blogs and talking with friends / family about the political situation this country finds itself in, I’ve realised that the only thing positive left is hope. I didn’t want this blog to be ‘fuck this and fuck that’ (but it can be a bit like that), I just want to lift the blinkers away from people’s eye, let the scales fall away. I worry for my children and what will be available to them in the next ten years as everything is going to cost a fortune – further education, health service, food, fuel etc.. The economy has collapsed, but the world economy has collapsed not just ours, and the bankers aren’t the scapegoats – ask the Lehmen Brothers.

Whilst the Tories are busy blaming Labour for what was actually a world situation they are not addressing the real issues – if there are no jobs, then people can work, then less income for the Government. I would hate to be a teenager now; I always had the knowledge that there was work out there or I could go to Univesity on a full grant. The Olympics and the Golden Jubilee are just a smokescreen to cover up our failing society, with the Govt flogging a dead horse to stand up in all it’s glory as the world’s eyes are on us.

The UK population is over 62 million people, just what would the Government do if just half of that refused to do what they say; imagine over 30 million people saying a big FUCK you to the Government – we are not happy with the way society is going. Equality and justice appear to have left our constitution and it’s time to get them put back on the agenda; I have always admired those protesters who are willing to go to jail for their cause, but every person’s circumstances are different. I don’t know how or with what that people can become united and fight for our future, not for the future of the rich and privelidged.

We need something, we need hope that everything will be OK, that the battle isn’t useless it can be won.