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The Public Administration Select Committee  has stated that the Government lacks strategic thinking in it’s approach to its polities, it continued to state the aims of the coalition were “too meaningless to serve any useful purpose”. The Government have retorted stating it had “a very clear objective to bring down the deficit” and restore economic growth.

How vague is that, I think every Government this side of the war has had that as its agenda, no Govt is going to say ‘lets spend shit loads of money and destroy all of British Industry’…….wait a minute that what Thatcher did, although she didn’t actually say thats what she was going to do (unless you read between the lines)……lest I digress.

Throughout British History the Tory party have never had any long term agenda apart from to maintain the status quo of priveledge and power; a party of knee jerk reactionary policies to placate the core of their electorate but ultimately only favour the already rich and wealthy, never learning from any previous Governmental errors. The biggest fundamental change within the 20th century was the NHS, broughtin to benefit the majority of society, the fact that the Tories has ultimately destroyed it only goes to highlight whom their policies are aimed at.

Under a Tory Government history will always repeat itself.