I was always a strong advocate of the ballot box, as just over a hundred years ago women and the working class were not deemed good enough to participate in who will run the country. Over the last few years I have become disillusioned and truly believe that democracy had now become a thing of the past for the following reasons:

1. Majority of candidates are all Oxbridge or Eton based – what do they understand about my life, or what is best for the country.

2. There is no real choice any more, the labels might be different but the same old crap is inside.

3. Party politics exists mainly as a vehicle to self perpetuate your own career.

4. What is this second choice bollocks. It’s not like ordering in a restaurant, the fish is off so I will have the steak. For an election to allow people to have an alternate vote is a simple mark of contempt proving that most voters are whimsical and quite selfish. Not many people live and die by the sword these days.

5. There should be an option for ‘none of the above’ to allow people to make a statement. Spoiling your paper may just mean you are an idiot but to actually make a mark that you reject all the candidates / system will really make a mark.

6. Having actual experiance of working with one of the candidates and know she is fucking useless- a nice woman – but useless.

7. A local area should be run by its residents in some sort of cooperative. Each cooperative would then work with neighbouring cooperatives to make things work.

It’s time for the workers in this country to stop accepting doctrine from the rich and privelidged and take everything back to grass roots. Each neighbourhood getting rewarded for its own endeavour and not being overshadowed by other areas.