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With two sick children I was unable to go to London to celebrate May Day, but have been increasingly amazed / alarmed as various news articles ave filtered through:

  1. Duran Duran to head Olympic opening ceremony to represent the best of English music (so many Sex Pistols rumours – I’m sure the money wasn’t quite right). Yes LeBon and go will be making the olympic viewers hungry like the wolf and dancing like wild boys as the rest of the world wonder why we haven’t produced any better bands in the last 30 years – lets face it they weren’t that good at the time.
  2. Roy Hodson becomes England’s manager as he meets the criteria of………………well he’s English and didn’t Switzerland do well nearly 20 years ago………shhhh don’t mention Anfield……..Yes the rest of the world is wondering if he was the first choice I wouldn’t like to ave seen the short list. At least Harry can comfort himself with the fact that there are probably more opportunities for your dog to have swiss bank accounts with the day to day running of a football club.
  3. Rupert Murdoch isn’t fit to run an international news corporation…..oh wait that isn’t really surprising news……..however the gloves are now off, no cosy little parties at Downing Street. Cameron, Osborne et al will now have to be aware of te wrath of the Sun; wave goodbye to your jobs, three years and counting.