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The Occupy movement have never quite sat right with me, they have become entrentched in recent protests in a very short space of time, whilst other organisations / movements struggle to keep the momentum going. Apart from the appointed spokespeople when ever I have seen an occupy member asked what they are protesting about, you get ‘you know…world peace…..down with capitalism etc.

What do psychologists say – you can’t eat an elephant in one mouthful……whilst any protest for a better world is fantastic, I have begin to wonder if protesting has become the new trend – festivals are awfully expensive now you know. I am probably being unfair to a lot of the Occupy group but one protester on the news last night even justified wrecking public space in Tower Hamlets for the greater good!!!!!!!! Does this arguement stand if your goals aren’t achievable in the short term?

Is it important that you know what you are protesting about? Are numbers more important than belief?

Capitalism has been fought against for the last couple of hundred years and yet it remains strong, cut off one head and another two reappear, and the struggle will continue on the streets, in lecture halls, in literature, in the communities until it is defeated. However should the protest be fought by those who are actually persecuted by it’s existence; the Black Panthers never allowed any white people to join as they would fight for equality on their terms with people who actually struggle against racially inequlaity. Is it right that Capitalism gets defeated because middle class people have decided to join the struggle (do they smell the blood of the wounded beast) as many of them have profitted well from the system they now want to destroy? Will they be the ones to construct a different but just as oppresive system,…four legs good, two legs better etc…..

Full marks to the Occupy lot but I find their goals are always on the lips of every Miss World contestant……………world peace, happiness and a tidy house!

Until the means of production are in the sole control of those who work within it, equality will never exist. The way forward is always by changing the root of everything – your local community.