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Well according to the exit polls it is believed that Boris will be in for a second term. I have to say that although I think the bloke is a fucking useless twat, he does hold that Je Ne Sais que; a bumbling idiot but in a strange perverse way a lovable bumbling idiot. In comparison Ken is looking more and more reptilian, and less trustworthy by the hour. Don’t get me wrong I have always been a supporter of Ken, mainly because he just didn’t give a fuck apart from what he believed was the right course but this self belief/arrogance is somewhat lacking in Ken now  he should have never gone back to Labour and remained independent. At least Boris will give the world a laugh when watching the olympics. I think Justin from CBeebies could actually give him lessons to perfect his slapstick clownesq stature.

I did go and vote yesterday, well go and spoil my papers actually, the volunteers looked at me like I was a fucking idiot when I came out of the booth 5 minutes late, with Nye shouting what have you been writing Daddy – subtle. I carefully drew on an additional box on all the ballot papers with ‘None of the above on’ by it and voted for that. I also added additional comments to quantify why.