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Apart from Professor Pongo the penguin getting more votes than the Lib Dem in an Edinburgh ward, apart from Labour getting massive gains and the rejection of the Tories, to me the most prevalent sign from the elections was a 30% turnout.

Less than a third of the country could be bothered to vote, which has been put down to apathy but there doesn’t appear to be any discussion that people are rejecting the usual candidates put in front of them; Cons are ruining the country, Lib Dems are finished and Labour was destroyed by Blair and Brown. There is no longer a single party that represents a the average working person.

Politics has become a more and more a career for a certain section of society, who regurgitate specific phrases given to them by the head of the party but don’t necessarily know the area that they are pretending to represent. Any work undertaken by them is purely of self interest in helping get promoted within the political spectrum.