I see a day out in Cambridge is coming up!

Ian Bone

Met with Cambridge Animal Rights last night to decide best actions in defence of the swan and against the rowing toffs. We’ve decided to cancel the demonstration on the 19th May and go for a really big action at the CAMBRIDGE  BUMPS on Saturday June 16th. We are also cancelling the henley regatta trip so we can cocentrate on big mobilisation on June 16th. The animal rights group will be doing their own independent action and we will take ours. The Bumps are when allthe toff rowing clubs play bumper boats on the Cam with total disregard for wildlife. For us in Class war this is an ideal opportunity to see the toffs face to face nd tell them what we think of them…….tons of letter in the Cambridge Evening News very bitter at the toffs maiming the swan and their attitude to evyone else in the town. We can…

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