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I have just read the article in The Tab (Cambridge University Paper), where they have labelled my friend Ian as bonkers, and the following comments below continue the derogatory abuse (http://cambridgetab.co.uk/news/bonkers-bone-to-block-bumps). If you assume that the comments are by Cambridge Scholars, and assume that as Cambridge scholars they will gain employment in a prominent position within society (until the revolution), then the country is well and truly screwed.

Working class people do go to Cambridge (not as many as they make out), but why do they go – a belief in that a Cambridge University degree will allow them to break into the world of privilege and exclusivity. What happened to a social conscience, if you look on being working class as a philosophy as well as a social standing, people may go to Cambridge as working class but they cerainly aren’t when they leave. Why behave like this (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/universityeducation/9250658/Drunken-Cambridge-students-cause-havoc-in-public-park.html)- it smacks of spoilt children not giving a fuck about other people, perhaps trying to emulate the Bullingdon Club.

I am aware that a graduate from Cambridge gets given a Masters Degree three years after obtaining there Bachelor Degree – what fucking arrogance. Whether the students like it or not Cambridge and Oxford are examples of a two tier univestity structure based on an elitist class structure that overhangs from a society where women and the working class were not even allowed to vote. This country will never become as good as it’s potential while elitism based on ‘where you went to school’ exists.

Liberty and equality are philosophies that are necessary to enable society to evolve and develop effectively and morally; unfortunately whilst an elitist culture is pandered we are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past. Of course Ian Bone is going classed as bonkers by these people as it is their elitist lifestyle that is under attack. It is easy to sit back and accept the status quo, sit back and accept as people of privilege continue in a lifestyle they are accustomed, whilst old people cannot afford to put on their heating and there is an increasing rise in the need for food banks.

Lets see lots of people in Cambridge on the 16th June to show that people will not sit back any more in simple acceptance.